Welcome to Kiskadee Korner

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Welcome to Kiskadee Korner, where charm and value unite,
Two beautiful havens to bring you delight!
From St. Clair, Trinidad we offer our best,
To Buccoo, Tobago where you relax as our guest.

Come discover the Caribbean without walking the plank,
In private rooms and suites, where comfort ranks.
Our staff’s warm welcome ensures a pleasant stay,
Creating cherished memories along the way.

Embark on adventures, embrace the exotic and rare,
From vibrant culture to breathtaking natural flair.
Trinidad and Tobago’s beauty is yours to explore,
With Kiskadee Korner as your base for more.

Secure your booking now. Seize this moment so grand.
At Kiskadee Korner, where charm and affordability go hand in hand.
Whether you walk St. Clair’s gardens or swim in Buccoo’s shores,
A Caribbean escape awaits you forevermore!

Welcome to Kiskadee Korner

Where charm and value unite

Two beautiful havens

To bring you delight!


From St. Clair, Trinidad

We offer our best

To Buccoo, Tobago where

You relax as our guest


Come discover the Caribbean

Without walking the plank

In private rooms and suites

Where comfort ranks


Our staff’s warm welcome

Ensures a pleasant stay

Creating cherished memories

Along the way


Embark on adventures

Embrace the exotic and rare

From vibrant culture

To breathtaking natural flair


Trinidad and Tobago’s beauty

Is yours to explore

With Kiskadee Korner as

Your base for more


Secure your booking now

Seize this moment so grand

At Kiskadee Korner, where

Charm and affordability

Go hand in hand


Whether you walk

St. Clair’s gardens or 

Swim in Buccoo’s shores

A Caribbean escape

Awaits you forevermore!

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